Spearfishing Documentaries

Since times in memorial one of the greatest human interests has been to discover de world under the sea.
Dive with JOSE AMENGUAL, the best underwater fisher of all times and his nephew PEDRO CARBONELL, the present world champion. Take pleasure with these beautiful scenes and discover why underwater fishing is the most well known and selected form of fishing.
In these documentaries we are not able to admire the beauty of the sea but also contemplate the varied fauna and flora to be found there and observe how the world’s best underwater fishermen delight us in capturing the most emblematic species.
Enjoy their skills. Watch as they perform and see how they dominate this intriguing world, diving to great depths, to obtain great captures, with a mastery and self-confidence that, without doubt, will surprise everyone who is familiar with this world under the sea.

Picture of Pedro Carbonell taken during the shooting of the documentary: FISHING WITH PEDRO CARBONELL, his last film (2011), only broadcasted on TV CHANNELS.


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